© Photo&Retouch by Brano

For his very first picture, Brano remembers using his father’s old medium format camera. Although the results probably weren’t the best, he knew then that photography would always be a big part of his life.  He first studied traditional film photography, spending hours honing his skills on black and white techniques both with shooting as well as developing in the dark room. With the beginning of the digital era, he switched to digital cameras to embrace the endless possibilities that the new technology offers.

He doesn’t like to categorize photos. The only difference is good or bad results – that’s why you won’t find categorizes here.

While working in the advertising business as an art director, he was always frustrated with the work of other photographers and DTP operators, and that motivated him to start his own career. He is always striving for photographic perfection. “Drawing with light” and high-end photo editing is his real passion, and it shows.

With almost 25 years of experience in advertising, photography, and post-production, he can offer his photographic and retouching services to other photographers, advertising agencies, publishers, corporations, as well as to individuals.

Contact:     E | info@branoblaas.com